Alcantara, the result of a unique and exclusive technology, offers an unparalleled combination of aesthetic, technical and sensory qualities.
Thanks to its extreme versatility, Alcantara is used for garment created by international designers, for high-tech accessories, for covering design pieces and for enriching the interiors of cars, planes and yachts. It is also often used as the inspiration for large museum installations.

The company was founded in Italy and brings Italian values to the four corners of the world, establishing itself abroad as the ambassador of authentic Made in Italy quality. The products are created using advanced technologies without sacrificing attention to detail, remaining true to the values of traditional craftsmanship. These characteristics, combined with a serious and certified commitment to sustainability, make Alcantara a true icon of contemporary lifestyle...

In fact, since 2009, Alcantara is carbon neutral, having defined, reduced and compensated all the CO2 emissions derived from its activity (from chalk to grave, that is, including not only the production process, but also the use and disposal phase of the product itself).


The quality is recognized by millions of users worldwide and guaranteed by system certifications issued
by prestigious international organizations:

General rules for stain removal

In case of localized stains, in the absence of specific products for cleaning Alcantara®, which you can find in the link below:

The quality is recognized by millions of users worldwide and guaranteed by certificates issued by prestigious international organizations